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What is PlaygroundFind.com all about?

PlaygroundFind.com is an online resource to help families find playgrounds to improve shared travel experiences with their children.

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Featured Water Parks

Frank J. Thornton YMCA Aquatic Center

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We are looking for fun loving families with a flair for adventure, who want to share their playground experiences through photo and story.
We are building a community of playground lovers, who want to share their favourite playground locations.

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For builders, it’s about sharing play spaces and getting recognition for the projects you’ve worked on.
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Featured Water Parks

Frank J. Thornton YMCA Aquatic Center


Playgroundfind.com was started in 2014, when my son and I couldn’t find a playground in a small Seattle neighbourhood.

We were visiting friends for the weekend and had woke up earlier than our hosts. I was up early with both my son and theirs, and we were ready to play. All we had to do was find a playground nearby. I started searching on my phone’s map and found no results. Then, I searched on the computer for something local and still found nothing. I wanted to know where we were going, before leaving the house, so I could pack the appropriate gear for our trip.

Without any prior information, we started exploring and found a nice playground around a couple corners. The playground was simple, but hosted a play box of locally donated sand tools, balls, and other toys that all the children could play with. As well, this playground had tricycles, hoola-hoops, stilts and other fun stuff.

This little gem was hidden away, right under our nose; but, without local knowledge or an online tool, we wouldn’t have been able to find it without searching. Imagine how many other playgrounds we missed, because we didn’t know where they are.

This idea gave birth to the playgroundfind project. It became our mission to find playgrounds in the greater Vancouver area and share details about what can be found at each playground location.

Our journey’s soon took us to indoor playgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, water parks, spray-grounds, and sports fields that supported free play. Unable to visit all the playgrounds in the Vancouver area, I enlisted the help of the local Municipalities including: Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam.

Soon interest had grown outside of the metro Vancouver area and spread to a few new cities across the province of British Columbia, including Port Alberni, Kelowna, West Kelowna. Shortly after, new cities were added across Canada and the United States of America, bringing in the Canadian Cities of Edmonton, Hamilton, and the USA cities of Bloomington, Alburqurque, Atlanta,

Builders and influencers began contributing new playground locations around the world, with countries including: Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, USA and more.

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Bio :
100architects was born with the mission of improving our cities and the experience of citizens in the public realm, by providing high-quality, innovative and stimulating public spaces, inclusive & accessible to everyone.
Bio :
We specialise in the design & installation of play area equipment, sports pitches and safety surfacing. We have an exceptional reputation for working with councils, schools, educational authorities and the government to create creative, fun and safe play areas & sports pitches perfect for all children. Whether you're looking for…
Bio :
Mom of 3 boys👶🏻 Lives in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Inspiration and Ideas for out/indoor activities with Kids✂️🔎Explore and experience Copenhagen 🌆🏙
Bio :
Our journey began in 1998 when our founder, Adam Bienenstock, had a vision to create natural playgrounds that would connect children with nature. Since then, we've grown into a leading designer and builder of natural playgrounds in Canada and the United States. Our team is passionate about creating innovative, safe,…
Bio :
We are a Hamburg blogger family and take you with us through Hamburg and the surrounding area.
Bio :
Hip Park is a team of craftsmen in the fields of architecture, design, engineering, construction, and wood crafting. Each of us invests all our knowledge, experience and skills in our work to create a high-quality and safe products for recreation. Products that we can be proud of.
Bio :
It all started when… In 2010, we were invited to collaborate on the design of a new playground for the City of Richmond. The team wished to explore the complimentary themes of nature-based play and risky-play; two rapidly emerging trends in Canadian playground design. The initial challenge was to create…

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